Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creed and Prayer of Freedom (5/22/2012 - Transferred Archive)

Alright, so Creed is sounding pretty good.  I need to change one thing that doesn't sound right -- that will be this Friday.  I've come up with my 5th arrangement of P. of F. over the past 2 years.  I think this will work the best.  I just need to decide if I want Braedon to play piano or the dulcitar / strum stick.... maybe the dulcitar with a bunch of reverb on it.  Can't wait to post some songs. By January, I'm hoping to have three songs done for this EP.  I brought my friend Ben Paris with me into the studio today.  He seems to have most of the same thoughts on the music that I did... and a lot of the same ideas that Rob H. expressed.  I'm hoping to work with him over the summer, but I'm not sure he's all that into music right now.

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