Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jonathan is Keen (6/20/2013 - Transferred Archive)

While recording in Evergree CO, I invited my friend Jonathan Keane to fly down and work on some of the songs with us.  It was nice to have an outside perspective on the recording.  I think I agreed with everything he suggested... it all seemed to be intuitive and make sense, except his desire to hear a beat.  I spent about a year really wanting to have some drum sounds to add to the album, but had just given up.  After having one drummer lined up, who suddenly sold all of his equipment the summer I went to record with him... and inviting a second drummer from KY who wasn't sure he wanted to come down, I'd just decided to forget about drums.  But Jon was convinced we needed something, and we ended up doing a lot with djembes.  So, Braedon and I went through each song and laid some new tracks down.  He played a few bongos, I did a snare and hi-hat on one song... I'm glad we did it.  It adds the dimension I was hungering for a couple of years ago when I'd given up on drums all together.

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