Saturday, August 13, 2022

Legal Stuff pre-release

So yesterday I did a bunch of stuff to get ready for some music releases. I signed up with BMI and Songtrust. They both help with the collection of Royalty's in case your songs are making any waves. I also signed up with Sound Exchange. They help to identify and track music. Then, I tried to sign up with AWAL, who is a distributer, but I may not have enough stuff out there for them to accept me. I probably don't need them quite yet anyway. Then, I signed up with SoundCloud to upload some music. Soundcloud allegedly is about getting your music heard. I was going to sign up with bandcamp, who is supposedly better at getting your stuff sold, but I don't really have much stuff, so I went with SoundCloud. So then, this afternoon I checked the Copyrights I had worked on a couple of months ago, and there had been some sort of problem. They didn't work. I had called and spoken to a rep who told me precisely what to do, but it was still rejected. I called back, but then remembered it was Saturday. Oh well, I suppose some day soon will be my day to fix the Copyrights and probably delay any music releases for a few weeks. So many moving pieces.

Releasing Music

10 years ago when we got back from CO, we had just finished a recording of the 14 songs I had written over a 14 year period. Some of the mel...

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