Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's time to ramp up to some more music.

I've been waiting for the right time to start writing, and playing again. I'm also wanting to either do a plugged version of Prayers of the Saints, or just re-record the entire album.  Either way, heavier drums, more driving bass, and maybe a few less keys with a few more guitars. I'm wanting more of a Springchamber style.  Much less laid back, more plugged in. Before I began recording with Springchamber in the 90s,  I played off and on with about a dozen musicians. One of those musicians was Mike Healey. We've remained friends for all these years. He was playing bass with Sky and I way back in the day before we met Chris Magnusson or Kevin McGlothan, or asked Paul Moment to join us. Mike is a guitar and bass player, and we're officially looking for a drummer... we have a bass player who's skills are pretty much off the hook.. . Maybe it's time?

Releasing Music

10 years ago when we got back from CO, we had just finished a recording of the 14 songs I had written over a 14 year period. Some of the mel...

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