Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kaos surprises us (9/11/2012 - Transferred Archive)

So, we have 4 sets of renters. 2 houses, each with a detached mother-in-law (MIL).  A coupe of weeks ago, one of the sets of renters got into an argument with each other over the electric bill.  They were both growing marijuana , and neither had a clue that it would run their "joint" electric bill extremely "high" and out of reach.  They wanted me to step in and help pay for some of the electric bill.  Unbelievable.  Instead, we asked them to leave.  They thanked us by dumping loads of garbage all over our property.

About 3 days later, allegedly the renters of our other house drank a bit too much and apparently beat each other in the yard.  When a neighbor tried to stop them, it got crazy.  There are rumors of a pistol whipping, along with the permanent loss of site in one eye.   A drunk tenant wrecking havoc with a baseball bat for a few minutes, destroying siding, and a door.  The cops came just as one guy was threatening to kill the other, gun pointed at his head.  Estimated costs to repair the set of houses was roughly $18,000 if you include labor.

Meanwhile, I'm working 11 to 15 hour days, so my wife and I prayed and decided that it would be good for her to fly to WA and begin organizing volunteers for some restoring.  Two days after she flies out, I fall off a roof and am in and out of emergency.  Leg is jacked... 4 days later my boss lets me know that the company is shutting down due to high overhead costs.  Wife is working 15 hour days with 2 full time volunteers, and several part timers. I'm Shuttling the kids to and from school, working part time from home, and going back and forth from the doctor's office.

So, 3 of 4 rentals down, mortgages still due, unemployed, a pistol-whipped friend shell shocked and on anxiety meds, the other friend in jail for assault, a woman left with no employment or housing, or husband, lots of out of pocket expenses for all to go around, my kids weepy from missing their mom who's gone for 15 days.  Outcome thus far?  God provides friends (The Church) in the greater Tacoma, Seattle, Everett and Golden areas to help with: kids, restoring properties, cleaning rentals, killing/removing cockroaches and maggots, lending cars and trucks and homes and meals and elbow grease... all in the name of God's love and his people.  Other "close friends" in the area don't show up to help, but God does.

Nothing takes God by surprise.

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