Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recording this week (5/18/2012 - Transferred Archive)

This week I spent 21 hours in the studio.... working on one song.  Recording is always frustrating at times, trying to get your thoughts spelled out and recorded to your artistic liking.  It always seems so simple in my head, the night before I get into the studio.  But when it comes down to it, it's not easy communicating to the engineer, and making the *clear*  thoughts in my head come out just right.

I've been recording with Rob Horton, the owner/engineer of Master Touch Studios in Evergreen, CO.  And, even though I find myself with similar frustrations as always, this recording experience has been my favorite one to date in my 20 years of recording off and on.  I can dream up almost any idea, and eventually it makes it's way to the speakers and plays back to us.  Sometimes it feels limiting to have another person, or "step", between me and the music, but I imagine that two creative heads are better than one - besides the fact that I am not an engineer.

The song we worked on is this week is based on Psalm 148, which has a reverent and majestic prayer within it, and I really  wanted the music to reflect the Psalm.  We did finish the song yesterday, and I really think it accomplishes what we set out to do.  I'm thinking of calling the song "Fiery from Your Soul" - from one of the lines in the song.  Can't wait to post the song here, and get some feedback from everyone.  Thanks for reading.

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