Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sing Sum. Dim Sound (2/23/2013 - Transferred Archive)

So, I've got Aubri and the girls working on backups.  Here and there I'm just adding one of the girls.  A line here and some oooohs and aaaaahs.  Baelina's voice is so high - I need to find the right spot for her to sing.  There will be a lot of random parts that the girls need to memorize, in case we decide to play live.  Eventually, they should all find their little niches within the songs.

We had an odd experience in the studio.  Aubri seemed unable to hit any notes on one of the songs.  I couldn't believe it.  She has always had a good ear, and when we sing together she's always on key.  But for almost an hour we coached her to sing some backups for about 5 minutes worth of work.  It was drudgery.  Maybe she's just too nervous for the studio, I thought.  Maybe she can't handle the stress of people listening to her through an isolation booth window.  I was surprised.  Then it was Braedon's turn to sing a bit.  He'd recorded dozens of times before, so I wasn't worried.  He goes into the iso booth and within seconds he comes out and says "There's no sound coming through the head phones."  We all looked at Aubri with grins on our faces, and she says "Was I supposed to hear something through them?"  What a relief.  I can't believe she ever hit the right notes at all, not being able to hear a thing!

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