Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Breathecast Album Review

A couple of weeks ago, we emailed a few folks in the online Christian Music scene letting them know that we had finished an album, and inviting a few editors to check it out.  Today I received an email from a place called Breathecast letting us know that a review had been done.  Below are a couple of quotes from the article.  To read the entire review, click on the link at the end of the page.

 "Prayers of the Saints is an intriguing project...prayers that span right through church history and set them to (mostly) newly crafted music."

 "In his inimitable ways, Currah has crafted contemporary tunes to go along with these ancient innovations making them accessible to our modern ears."

"In our culture of pithy lines and trite clich├ęs, "Prayers of the Saints" need some time to be acquainted to.  But if one should take the time to listen, mediate, reflect upon the words of these ancient prayers, they will deepen our theological appreciation of God.  And in times when we do struggle like many of God's saints had, these prayers supply us with the vocabulary to utter some of our inner most pain and angst to our heavenly Father."

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