Sunday, January 8, 2017

Deep Fat Fried Oreos

When I asked Aubri about her last experience recording in the studio, I thought it would be a good question to ask... something to write about. At the time, we were stuck with not much to do downtown. It was a great conversation, but not really what I was shooting for. She mostly recalled leaving the studio in between recording sessions, for lunch - of course...  We had gone to a nearby Chinese restaurant in downtown Tacoma. It was good food.  At the time, we didn't plan on doing desert. We didn't expect any dessert. We didn't order dessert.  But lo and behold these... odd, things, showed up. Weren't sure what they were at first.  Turns out: Deep Fat fried Oreos. Brought to us by the owners, as a gift. Kind staff. We didn't order them, we didn't see them on the menu, and even if we had... nah. Aubri recalled "We have had pink peppermint Oreos before, double stuffed Oreos, Oreos ala mode. Had birthday cake Oreos once as a family, and Oreo ice cream. But those were nothing compared to this new oreo-esk experience." And because there are thousands of readers of this blog who are very curious about our recording experiences, we will describe these unusual, Oreos. To both of our readers: Beneath rainbow colored sprinkles atop swirls of whipped cream, lay the surprisingly good tasting yet odd, fried, Oreos. The picture below is not of our actual Oreos, but an internet knockoff. As I recall, AndrĂ©a was the first to suggest, while chewing her desert, that she might be eating an Oreo, that is, after taking a bite of the unidentified object... We laughed. We thought she was kidding, at first. My kids aren't very daring when it comes to food. Not at all. But when it comes to Desert, it can be a No-Holds Barred type of thing. Now, Aubri would say that she is fairly daring, although I don't remember - perhaps she was the very first to bite into the strange creamy sprinkle covered somewhat circular concoction. Okay, so now you know about deserts experienced whilst in the studio.  Wait. She also remembers creating back-up parts with her sisters in the studio. No Doubt, with Oreo breath... (my words, definitely not hers.) I really liked the vocals they created. Aubri does admit that Baelina made up most of the backup vocals. She and her sister Andrea mostly harmonized with Baelina. This brings us to the end of Aubri contemplating her most recent... previous experience in the studio. And of her coinciding, remarkable, Oreo experience.

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