Tuesday, January 3, 2017

keep old plates spinning

For someone who desires to both perform and write, a decent amount of time needs to be spent on both writing new material and practicing older songs. When you're working a day job, and have 4 kids, a mortgage, etc... neither of these seem to not get enough attention. Constant juggling act. How well do you want to be able to perform your old songs? How fast do you want to write new ones? How tired of your old ones are you getting? etc... how bad you want to crawl under your house and fix your broken sewer pipe instead of practicing? The one right there by that big nasty puddle. Life and its demands - good times. 

Image result for sewer pipe under house sewage puddle

Releasing Music

10 years ago when we got back from CO, we had just finished a recording of the 14 songs I had written over a 14 year period. Some of the mel...

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